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Castletown Douglas King Edward Bay Mount Murray Peel Port St Mary Ramsey Rowany

Be Aware!

A fun poem with some serious messages written a few years ago by our President, Dee Lewis.

If you want to show fellow players you care

The phrase to remember is ‘Be Aware’

For smooth play your round should really be planned

Have ball markers, tee pegs and pencils to hand

A marked ball is useful and also a spare

And some sweeties will show your friends that you care

Be Aware when it’s your turn and make sure you’re ready

Walk briskly between shots to keep the pace steady

Be Aware there are other players out on the links

You’ll disturb other games if you get up to high jinks

Be Aware of your playing partner’s score

Better to ask if you’re not quite sure

Stay still when they’re playing - quiet & serene

And watch where their ball goes if not on the green

Put your clubs on the side of the green you’ll be leaving

If you put them in front, those behind will be grieving

Be Aware where the other balls lie on the green

Players trampling on lines should never be seen

Be aware that ‘it’s in’ is best said when it is

Cos just saying that seems to make some putts miss!

And on the 10th tee if you add up the score

Don’t say ‘well played’ or they’ll play well no more!

Be Aware that most players like peace when they hit

Be quiet when they’re thinking and stand back a bit

Stay out of their eye-line and give them some space

You can chat while you’re walking or when back at base

Try to learn all the rules but if in doubt ask

To know every one is just too tough a task

Above all remember that golf is a game

Being too serious won’t win you fame

If you want golfing friends, just show them you care

Don’t worry be happy and please Be Aware!

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